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Cinder Road - Superhuman

Review By: Michael Meade

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cinder Road's "Superhuman" does not disappoint! The music is tight, the lyrics are strong and it's just the kind of stuff that Rock and Roll was made for!

I put the Cinder Road CD in the player with a little trepidation. I really enjoyed watching the band and I didn't want to spoil the memory with a different sound.

I was pleasantly surprised! This CD is a genuine performance by the band, and it is very well put together. The mix of songs makes for great listening. This is a well planned CD with just the right amount of slower ballads mixed in with the faster rock songs.

The songs are about relationships in their many forms. There are Relationships that are going really well, relationships that are not going so well but are getting better, and of course, relationships that are going bad and it's just going to be that way. Like me, you can probably relate to all of them.

The music is just straight up Rock and Roll. It's got strong rhythm guitars and hot lead parts. Mike Ruocco and Chris Shucosky drive through the music with an honest determination. It's the Rock and Roll that I played back in the 70's and 80's but with all new tunes. Just this side of Metal, but still with power and attitude! It's the music that I still love.

For me, (don't forget that I am an old geezer) listening to Cinder Road is like meeting an old girlfriend's daughter. She's not the same person, and yet... there's enough there to flood your mind with memories. More than that, she's still young, and has that power of life! And all you want to do is watch her... watch and remember when you and her mother lived those memories.

I'm not saying that Cinder Road is a "Retro" band at all. Rock and Roll is timeless, and they execute it like pro's. It's new, and fresh in their capable hands. Just another affirmation that Rock and Roll is here to stay!

Michael Meade is a singer songwriter for Lackawanna Rail. He has been performing music since 1970. He is also an author and poet. He loves to perform for people, and has a strange sense of humor that can sometimes catch you off guard. Having been a part of the Music Business for quite some time he has been able to spend time with many of the great musicians, and has many great stories to tell.



Cinder Road



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