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The AKAs - Everybody Make Some Noise

Review By: Michael Meade

Thursday, Oct 2, 2008

Without a doubt the AKA's CD is Rock and Roll at it's finest. This is one of those CD's that belongs in every collection!

Listening to the AKAs at home on this CD is almost as fun as seeing them in concert. They have the same energy and great sound as they do up on stage.

There is a lot of sound coming out of the drums, bass and guitar, but the sound of Josie's organ cuts through it all and I thought that I would get tired of it pretty fast, but they don't overuse it, so that it keeps it interesting.

Mike Ski who wrote the lyrics on the CD not only has a social conscience but a great sense of humor. He sees the world through realistic eyes, and paints the picture for all of us to share. He laughs at the idiocy of life, while expressing anger that it's not getting fixed.

Blended with the strong Rock and Roll music behind them, the lyrics hit almost as hard as Chachi's drumsticks. Speaking of which, Chachi's drums are a big driving force through the music. It's almost like he is pushing the others to play harder.

Chris and Justin keep up though. There is a lot of Rock and Roll in their hands jumping out through their instruments. And their vocals playing counter point to Mike's lead makes for great fun!

If you can't get the opportunity to go see them live, and enjoy the show, you really must get this CD. Parents Beware: They use the all powerful "F" word, frequently with forcefulness. But you shouldn't let that deter you from enjoying this very hot group.

This CD is titled after a line in one of the songs. But my favorite song is called "Dead Flowers Forever." It just hits home for me.

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Michael Meade is a singer songwriter for Lackawanna Rail. He has been performing music since 1970. He is also an author and poet. He loves to perform for people, and has a strange sense of humor that can sometimes catch you off guard. Having been a part of the Music Business for quite some time he has been able to spend time with many of the great musicians, and has many great stories to tell.








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