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Michael Meade is a singer/songwriter with the band Lackawanna Rail.  He also plays guitar, and drums for the band, and enjoys playing many folk instruments like American Indian Flute, Hammered Dulcimer, Lap Dulcimer, Autoharp, Banjo, and even a little keyboard.

He's been singing since he was in the 2nd grade (Mrs. Borden's class) where he entertained the other kids on rainy days at recess time.  That was roughly 1961.  It may not have been a strong beginning, but it was a start to a life long romance with music.

When he's not singing and performing in front of an audience, he likes to be an audience and indulge in his second love which is photography.  From about the same time as his start in the entertainment industry, Mike helped his dad in their home darkroom learning about making good photos. 

Having shot more than a million pictures, Mike says "I think I've gotten one or two really good ones!"

Mike's sense of humor has gotten him through many tough times in his life, but sometimes he can be a bit hard to understand.  Having lost his wife at a young age, he also understands how short life can be and seeks to enjoy himself, without many reservations.

Scott Meade is Michael Meade's son and is 14 years old.  His musical tastes are very different than Michael's so it brings a wider variety of musical coverage to the web page.

Scott enjoys the harder rock and roll sound and typically listens to bands like "Linkin Park," and "My Chemical Romance."  Fortunately Scott and Michael both enjoy music in many forms and both enjoy accompaning each other at concerts and such. 

Scott has not found the instrument that he enjoys the most, but has been working the hardest on playing drums even though he has a guitar that he can play as well.  He'd like to someday be in a band, but for now he is happy listening to others and learning as much as he can about them.