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Review By: Michael Meade

Friday, August 1, 2008

Powerful, Passionate, and yes, downright sexy, TAT just oozes with sensual pleasures. Voted: ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!

I ran across TAT by accident and I am really glad that I did! Wandering around the Warped Tour 2008, my son stopped at a booth to talk to one of the people there and I heard a sassy young female taunting the audience a little bit and I peeked over the crowd and was immediately hypnotized by the firey sensuality of this band.

Tatiana DeMaria has a dashing smile and an enthusiasm that is so contagious that you just can't help but move to the music. Complimented by Nick Kent's driving bass and Jake Reed's pounding drums, Tatiana rocks on the guitar, and even doing part of one song playing it on her back, just like I remember seeing Jimi Hendrix do. She displays a raw sexual energy that can't help but capture the attention. When she climbed up on top of the speakers and did that Elvis pelvis roll, it had the crowd screaming!

Most of the bands concentrated their stage presence on demonstrating anger and/or just how "tough" they are, this band was totally different. They danced, laughed, played jokes on the crowd, and you could tell they they were having a great time performing for the crowd.

Like Tatiana, Nick moves around the stage in a playfull dance with such energy that I wish I was 20 (ok, maybe 30) years younger and could keep up with him! The way he moved was a perfect compliment to Tatiana adding to the strong sensual energy.

It's unfortunate that drummers are always placed in the back of the stage. Most of the time from where I was standing, I couldn't even see Jake back there. But his presence was definitly felt. Drummers can make or break a band, especially in a three piece band like TAT. Jake's drumming works so well with the bass and guitar that it fills out the sound making it much bigger. Jake also adds a lot to the vocals. Singing drummers aren't unheard of, but they are a rare breed.

I strongly recommend that you get to know TAT and if they come somewhere that you can get to, you should get there. I'm going to be watching for my next chance!

Michael Meade is a singer songwriter for Lackawanna Rail. He has been performing music since 1970. He is also an author and poet. He loves to perform for people, and has a strange sense of humor that can sometimes catch you off guard. Having been a part of the Music Business for quite some time he has been able to spend time with many of the great musicians, and has many great stories to tell.


Tatiana standing on the speakers!


Tatiana cutting loose!


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