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The A.K.A.s

Review By: Michael Meade

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Without a doubt, the A.K.A.s are a fantastic rock band. We voted them "Best of Show" at the Warped Tour '08.

So I was standing near a tent there at the Warped Tour and I went up to talk to the young lady standing under a banner that read "The AKA's." There was something about her that reminded me of Morticia Addams (from the Addam's Family). Hey! I thought she was really hot! Must have been the black clothes, and makeup. But it is the Warped Tour after all, and this is the kind of thing that you expect.

She told me that I simply HAD to come hear her band. It kind of crossed schedules with another band we were planning on seeing so I asked her if they were any good. She said "We're Awesome." When she said it, it wasn't overly boastful, but simply confident. We decided that we would have to come back and see.

True to our promise we did. We left a little early out of another band and hoofed it down to catch their act. We are very glad that we did.

Mike Ski is a great front man and creates his own excitement on stage. He gets the audience involved, even in the singing. He captures your attention, and his actions and even facial expressions match up with what he's singing. He feels the words that he is singing, and that really makes a lot of difference in a performance.

Josie Outlaw (who was the girl that said the band was awesome) stands rock steady behind her organ, barely ever cracking a smile. Calm, cool and collected, she plays and sings, hardly moving. Typically it is the bass player that remains so stoic. Once in a while though, she cuts loose and shakes with the guys!

Bass player Justin Perry doesn't fall into that unmoving bass player spot. Instead, he moves around the stage and sings. He waves the bass around with a flair, and has a wonderful stage persona.

When I first saw Vegas Davis, I thought for a second that I was looking at a young John Lennon (yes, I am old enough to remember!). It might have been the hat, or something about his features, but it was rather funny. He has a way of working with the bass, drums and organ that doesn't sound like he is the only guitar player. Unlike a lot of rock guitarists that use a lot of distortion and overdrive to hide their playing, Vegas has some excellent training and makes it all look easy to boot!

Chachi on drums doesn't move around much, but he is still a lot of fun to watch (though it scares me to see him standing on the drums!). He's not satisfied to just be a rhythm keeper. He is a honest to goodness Rock Drummer. He kicks off some songs, and maintains a constant presence in the songs.

We really enjoyed the AKAs show and in our own private meeting, Scott and I voted them "Best of Show" at the Warped Tour gathering. Among all the bands there, that is saying something! We are going to keep our eye on them. They've got everything it takes to be at the top of the heap!

Michael Meade is a singer songwriter for Lackawanna Rail. He has been performing music since 1970. He is also an author and poet. He loves to perform for people, and has a strange sense of humor that can sometimes catch you off guard. Having been a part of the Music Business for quite some time he has been able to spend time with many of the great musicians, and has many great stories to tell.


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