Finding Peace in Cheerful Dreams!

In Cheerful Dreams, we not only have products that you can use to bring peace into your life, we have a lot of information that can help as well.

The Store


In our Store, we believe that all Cultures, Belief Systems and Lifestyles should be celebrated. We have many items that include Native American, Egyptian, African, Hindu, Buddist, Christian, Wiccan, and Pagan.

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Herbs for Health

Queen Anne's Lace
Teas, Infusions, and Tinctures

We have many herbs that are used for many healthy reasons, as well as those used in spellwork. We try to keep the major ones for both purposes available in one ounce bags.

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Oils and Incense

Our sense of smell can make a big difference in our emotional health, as well as our medical health. Aromas can calm us, or wake us up. They can heal wounds, and cheer us up. We have a number of ways to help out in keeping the aromas around you the way you need them.

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Sounds for Calming

Singing Bowls
Singing Bowls and Drums

The sounds of Singing Bowls can calm the spirit, help to reach a higher level of meditation and clear negative energies from around you. Drums are often used to calm the heartbeat, or meditate. Sounds can ground you and bring you back to center.

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